PRM135 Reefe Multi Stage Pressure Pump

Household Pressure Pump

Large households / Irrigation
Certified to meet all Australian standards for potable water and design.

9-12 tap
2 year warranty

Features & Benefits
• Automatic pressure controller giving consistent pressure supply, with run-dry protection

• Designed for continuous & quiet operation

• Low Power Consumption

• Excellent Pressure Supply up to 590Kpa Max

• 5m suction lift for underground tanks

(must include check valve on the inlet and foot valve on the end of the suction line)

• PRM140-T can be fitted with RPC22HF (use code 8027.PC), or

18L Pressure Tank, Switch, Gauge and Tee (use code 8027.PTS)

• Stainless Steel Shaft and Impeller Housing

• Noryl Impellers and diffusers, Brass barrel union

• Heavy Duty Cast Iron & 304 Stainless Steel Construction

• Motor IP54 with insulation Class F

• PRM140-T has 1m cable and 3 pin plug

Industry leader for water pumps.